Aria’s psychic entertainment has humor and warmth, on-the-mark connections, all-positive messages. She can mingle among your guests with ease, or guests can sit with her for a reading.

“Wonderful fun!”
“How did she know?”
“I have some things to think about now, instead of worry about.”
“She’s a really cool person.”
“We were buzzing for days!”
“I don’t think I will ever forget this meeting.”
“I didn’t know I could feel so much better just from going to a party.”
“Now I understand about my situation with the person I asked (Aria) about. I feel so different.”

These are some of the many things Aria’s event and party clients have said about her.

What will your guests say?

Fill out the contact form below for your event entertainment inquiry. Please include any details you know, such as the date, location and number of guests.

Aria supports the community of philanthropy. She considers all written requests to donate gift certificates or psychic entertainment, particularly to causes that support the following: fine and performing arts, mental and emotional health, human rights, earth protection, most animal-helping organizations. Aria is selective and sensitive to the right matches for philanthropy and psychic donation gifts. Be free to ask – Aria is ready to give if it feels right. She will likely apply her famous 'detailed yes or no' reading on your request.