“…Aria Norman is uniquely positioned as someone who sees your objectives, through your eyes, and then has the visionary capacity to help them become a reality. This is not woo-woo magic, it’s simply a faculty of the human mind that is largely untapped…and she has provided me a documented, significant advantage in my field.”

Thank you. I will be glad to remain in your contact for as long as you do what you do, because I believe you have a gift. Use this as a reference if you want.”
— James Hardee, Stock and Options Trader

…reading from you was like a chiropractic adjustment for my soul…”
— Azula Philips, Vashon Island, WA

You just made complete sense of everything I have been questioning and looking for in readings and meditation for, like, a year. Holy freakin’ cow!
— GA, South Carolina

I have been getting weekly readings from Aria for 9 years. She has been right about the source of aches and pains for me and my family. I often connect with her on our way to the doctor’s office, and we find she was right. She is also accurate about what heads of department at work are thinking and intending. And, the same goes for a heads up on what co-workers in my workplace are feeling, and are likely going to do. She helps keeps me sane. In 9 years of weekly readings, she has been wrong only twice that I can recall. That’s 466 times she was helpful and accurate.
— SW, Arts Training for Education, Chicago

The universe is hers; it’s her address book, her GPS, her radio wave, her oyster. Aria can find the way to anything for you, if she deliberately vibes with your vibration.
— Patrick B, New Jersey

Aria has this amazing gift to visualize [existing] energy channels in people and then help them find more productive ways to channel this energy.
— Pam Hulvey, Chicago

Aria is a wonderful, gifted healer and reader. She is loving, gentle and kind. Her messages are pure and direct to the point. If you want to know the truth….see Aria. If you need help in any healing situation…see Aria. If you want someone who cares…see Aria. She is a warm, loving light worker.
— Nancy R, Chicago

I didn’t have any idea what I wanted or needed, except that I needed something! I couldn’t even put it into words, but the universe brought me exactly what I needed and it was you. This session—you’ve been an incredible midwife today. You’ve handled lifetimes of issues with considerable ease! you, as an individual, were able to clearly articulate concepts I needed to achieve clarity—and then, to connect with a whole realm of spiritual beings to give me guidance—and then to do the most incredibly powerful energy work i have ever recieved.
— Paula Battaglio, Chicago

My experiences with Aria as a healer and spiritual counselor have been absolutely transformative!! After every session, I come away relaxed, rejuvenated and clear. Her intuitive insight is spot on and has given me a wealth of knowledge at right moment to assist me in making my own discoveries and decision to help me move forward in my life. See for yourself!! She is amazing!!
— Charlene Sansone, Chicago

A powerful spiritual counselor who helped me to clear channels and open me up. I felt enriched and invigorated.
— Dave Gordon, Dave Gordon Music, Chicago

Aria is a truly gifted healer and intuitive. I not only have had the honor of receiving energy healing, spiritual counseling and intuitive reading from her (as well as witnessing her minister), but I have had the privilege of working alongside this incredibly passionate and talented woman. Aria is the real deal. Her balance of nurturing love and hilarious humor make it a true joy to be in her presence!
— Karen Foley MA, LPC, Lancaster MA

A reading with Aria contains rational interpretive processes, careful and neutral reporting, solving problems quickly, mysterious descriptions, relaxed humor, emotional relief, and truly therapeutic counseling skill. She’s a gem!
— Joyce S, Chicago

…she has provided me a documented, significant advantage in my field…she excels at business strategy…If you want the advantage…then I cannot more highly recommend Aria Norman to you…get her on your team today!
— Luke L, Los Angeles

Aria is not only extremely accurate, but also incredibly pleasant. I never believed in psychics before my readings from her. Aria is a talent…a true and unique talent.
— Carolyn Utz, Chicago

Aria is like a rockstar, if the rockstar was your mother.
— Kate Kirkpatrick, Los Angeles