Chicago psychic Aria Norman’s highly accurate readings, and her reputation for transformative sessions where she can get to the heart of an issue, have attracted a loyal clientele locally in Chicago and beyond.

chicago_psychic_reading_personalAria is quick to tap into the original source of behavior patterns. She is the perfect psychic for relationship questions of any kind. Aria accesses true motivations, emotions and intentions. It’s as if she’s been given an all access pass to the energies and connections between people.

Did you ever wonder about your own dynamic feelings about people? Do you desire to avoid bad outcomes or worry over the confusing behaviors of anyone? Have you ever wondered about how you can improve your connections to others? Does life ever seem like one long relationship issue?

At its core, life IS relationship. Each waking moment, anywhere and everywhere you are, there is a relationship of some type, and a thought which acts in response to the relationship. Daily life is about our relationship with our own thoughts. Some relationships hold keys to your peace, others to your success. Some relationships are self-projected mirrors, others are interactive nightmares. Aria can tell you more about your relationships, and help you with your thoughts. She can help you understand your clients, how to get along with your employer, your co-workers, your mentor, your family, how to find balance with your friends.

Every person who comes in contact with you brings energy into your life. Aria tells you about all these people. Not always thought of by clients but equally valuable, Aria can also assess your “support” relationships, such as hair stylists, personal trainers, and other service providers. Find out from Aria what they are really about.

Aria hands you the keys to your emotional freedom.

Energy Healing and Energy Work

Aria has been an energy healer for over 19 years. She can provide healing energy to clients without being in their physical presence. Energy healing, whether deliberate or not, is the reason clients often report feeling lighter and better after a reading with Aria.

Aria helps people find their answers. What answers can Aria provide you?

My experiences with Aria as a healer and spiritual counselor have been absolutely transformative!! After every session, I come away relaxed, rejuvenated and clear. Her intuitive insight is spot on and has given me a wealth of knowledge at right moment to assist me in making my own discoveries and decision to help me move forward in my life. See for yourself!! She is amazing!!
— Charlene Sansone, Chicago

Aria has this amazing gift to visualize energy channels in people and then help them find more productive ways to channel this energy.
— Pam Hulvey, Chicago